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  怎么实现个人成长的目标英语带翻译 How Can You Achieve Goals for Personal Growth?

On our journey to findour true self and achieve our full potential, we sometimes get into hard times.However, we must never lose hope for the future, which will help us to achievepersonal growth. The following ideas may help you to reach your goals forpersonal growth.


1. Find challenges

If you don't findany challenges to your life, you won’t have motivation and anxiety todevelopment. You should understand that staying too much in your comfort zone wouldjust keep you staying where you are and therefore never improve. So try to findnew challenges that would further develop your strength and therefore achieveyour peak performance.



2. Always have apositive mind

You should developa positive mind, as this would be useful when you face challenge along the way.Through this type of mind, you will be able to continue with your life nomatter how hard the situation is. You should always find a reason to be happy,which will fuel you to go on further and further until you reach yourdestination.



3. You are notalone

This is a veryimportant factor. Sometimes we are so stubborn about doing things on our ownthat we don't ask others for help. Generally speaking, doing things alone isn'twrong, and, in fact, it's even preferred to be independent. However, there arereally instances in our life that we need to ask others for help. You shouldn'tregard it as being weak, and other people won't think less of you if you dothis. We humans are communal individuals and we could achieve more in thisworld if we help one another. So don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it,and also lend a hand to others when they need you.



4. Plan

If you want toachieve something, don't be in a rush. You need to make good preparationsbefore action, that is, to plan your overall course of action in advance.Create a goal that you are ready to bet your life on, and check it to see if itis really the goal you want to attain before you give it your all withoutsecond thoughts. When you're sure about it, plan the ways to achieve and to evaluateit if your process is effective while still along the way. You can change yourcourse of action while you still have time. Make sure that your goals are specific,attainable and time limited. In this way you can make sure you are not planningto fail, but to be successful in your search for personal growth.



5. Consistency

Consistency is thekey to securing self-improvement; however, being able to do this is reallyhard. Still, you need to prepare to pay your dues if you want to reach yourgoal in life.


如何养成好习惯Good Habit

When we have formed the good study habit, we learn things quickly and remember things easily. Do you sometimes copy other's homework? It is not good. No matter how difficult the homework is, you must try to do it yourself and finish it on time. If you practice again and again, nothing will be difficult.

When you are having lessons, don't forget to make notes.Every evening you must take out the notes and review what you have learned today. Before doing homework, do not forget to clean your desks. A clean desk will make you feel comfortable.

A Good study habit is the key to success.


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